In these days of mass-production and oft shoddy workmanship, it is indeed a pleasure to know that skilled craftsmanship can still be found in the big city. A most worthy piece has come to our attention, an extraordinary tool chest made from exotic timbers has been built by a Master Craftsman whose sole criterion was "to prove to myself that old values still exist in our society."

Yanek Druyan, a Member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen (International) took eight yeares to complete this unique tool chest and concomitant tools, which are completely self-sufficient, that is there no need for electricity to operate them. It is remarkable for sheer complexity of construction and skilful use of such woods as ebony, rosewood, black bean, jarrah, etc.

These are tools with a difference; they are usable, practical, everyday tradesman tools, however sixty percent of them have been purpose-made by the owner, with the remainder being comprised of partially hand-made pieces using proprietory brand blades, etc. and quality name implements. Hand-made gauges, rules, levels, an assortment of squares, mallets, special purpose hammers, knives, chisels and blocks are skillfully crafted in warm, beautiful hard timbers.

Each tool has its own niche within the compact tool chest, itself a remarkable piece of design and construction.
Measuring 43 x 10,1/4 x 28.1/2 inches (110 x 26 x 73 cm), the tool chest is comprised of innumerable drawers, cupboards and doors which display the considerable skill of the craftsman and make it a completely autonomous working unit for the user. According to a Sydney valuer, "the entire outfit (tools and chest) can be regarded as a single unit and an analogy with a jigsaw puzzle is not inappropriate."

Editor's Column - Carter's Australian Antique Trader
December 15th, 1990