by Yanek Yanek

Nowadays where mass-production dominates our lives and bargain is a name of the game; make you wonder if there is a place for something different. So, here is my idea of turning something as common as screwdriver, into something special.

This is a tool for the people who are proud of what they doing, screwdriver for true craftsman.

They made of finest hardwoods: Ebony, Rosewood, Desert Ironwood and very special Australian Conkerberry, Gidgee, NSW Rosewood, Sandalwood Gutta-Percha and many more exquisite timbers.

Fittings are Quick Change for ¼" hex extension.

The finish is all natural, just a coat of oil to fresh the look. You can still feel the timber with all its character: soft and friendly NSW Rosewood or tuff and cold steel of Desert Ironwood or exquisite silky touch of Conkerberry or Flame Sheoak.