Jan Yanek Druyan was born in Poland on January 6, 1947.
He studied geology in Krakow from 1961-1967, during which time he contributed drawings and photographs to the local institutions.
After several years working in the north of Poland he settled again in Krakow where he responded enthusiastically to the theatre of T. Kantor. His stylistic evolution had its beginnings in the field of photography where he researched photographic equivalents for states of human psyche, especially of those dark elaborations of psyche which stick in the profound strata of consciousness.

He studied history of art, philosophy, painting and sculpture with Andrzej Pollo, Zbigniew Lagodzki, Andrzej Peller; professors of Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. In 1978 he attained the status of freelance artist by accession to The Association of Polish Photographic Artists. After several one-man shows of photography and tentatively of painting, he established himself as a sculptor. He studied semasiology, semiology and sought possibilities of transferring semantic ideas to the language of forms.

In the spring of 1979 he met Aldona Soltys and with her support, his radical idea of iconoclastic black reliefs materialized at a one-man show at Krakow's Modern Art Gallery in April 1980. Following this exhibition he met his first patron and dealer, Konstanty Wegrzyn, who purchased works from him. In October of that same year he was once more given an exhibition at Krakow's Art Exhibition Center and under pressure of circumstances he, with his wife Maria, left Poland in February 1981. After living for several months in Austria, he settled in Sydney, Australia where he was given a one-man show at Images Gallery, in November 1982.

In 1983 he executed two commissions for Lance S. Ebert who also owns the largest collection of Druyan's work in Australia. In November 1984 he begin four year journey to the United States where in July 1985 he was given a one-man show at Ankrum Gallery in Los Angeles. Disillusioned with commercial attitude to art, he turned his interests toward woodworking. On his return to Sydney in 1988, he established wood working business 'Everything in Wood' and committed himself to the highest level of craftsmanship.

He was elected member of Guild of Master Craftsmen.