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Screwdriver by Yanek.
Hand-made in a small craftsman's workshop in Vineyard, this screwdriver would truly deserve to be considered as an "art object".
Sheer quality of this much-admired and beautifully finish tool is paramount.
The screwdriver handle is made of SnakeWood (Brosimum guianense).
SnakeWood has a mottled snake-skin pattern, and is among the densest woods, with a very high stiffness. It was the wood of choice for making of bows for musical instruments of the violin family. The wood is very close-textured.
The stand is made of Brazilwood (Caesalpinia echinata).
The finish is all natural, just a coat of finishing oil, so the initial appearance will darken with age and maintain polished width use.
The natural wood surface is pleasant to hold and to use for long periods of time.
Fittings are Quick Change for ¼" hex extension.
The screwdriver comes complete with different interchangeable bits which lock solidly and safely into place.