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Screwdriver by Yanek.
Hand-made in a small craftsman's workshop in Vineyard.
The screwdriver and the base is made of Conkerberry (Carissa lanceolata).
Conkerberry grows in small patches in the north west of Queensland, and in the Northern Territory where it is protected. Difficult to collect and handle, its use in wood turning is restricted because of holes up the central stems and the shortness of the workable straight lengths.
Australian Aboriginals have used its small edible purple/blue berry for food and medicine. Bright orange heartwood, cream bone like sapwood, very fine bone-like textured wood.
The wood has a density of about 1200 kg/m3
The finish is all natural, just a coat of finishing oil, so the initial appearance will darken with age and maintain polished width use.
The natural wood surface is pleasant to hold and to use for long periods of time.
Fittings are Quick Change for ¼" hex extension.
The screwdriver comes complete with different interchangeable bits which lock solidly and safely into place.